Meursault—The Most Charming Burgundian Winemaking Village


It doesn’t get much more charming on the Route des Grands Crus than the winemaking village of Meursault. This storybook charming village, filled with character, is a dream. From the moment you arrive in the centre and view the château with the fountain bubbling forth until you sit down in the village square and have un café or your first taste of one of the great Meursault whites, you will be in bliss.



The white wines of Meursault, made from chardonnay grapes, are considered some of the world’s best, along with its neighbors Puligny-Montrachet and Chassagne-Montrachet. The unique Burgundian terroir produces Meursault whites that are crisp, rich, buttery, full of minerality. I would describe it as tasting the golden color of autumn in a glass. The wine shop in the centre of the village offers glasses of the region’s delicious whites for five euros. You can sit outside and enjoy the view of the château.


Café across from château


It is absolutely a must to wander off the beaten path onto the back roads of the village to walk through the gorgeous vineyards and discover the hidden charms.

Hope you enjoyed this little escape for today to the charming village of Meursault.

À bientôt!