Are We French Yet? by Keith Van Sickle


Keith and Val are at it again! Recording their life’s adventures in Provence. These part-time expats are immersing themselves deeper and deeper in the French way of life. But are they French yet?

If you can pass the French doctor test—the interrogation—and perhaps walk away with, not a prescription, but an invitation to a private wine tasting in one of the most famous wine villages of the world, you just might be French!

If you can subject yourself to the grueling pain that comes with learning the French language—the humiliation—and get to the point where you are fully conversational, you just might be French!

So are Keith and Val French yet? It doesn’t get anymore French than forming lifelong friendships with French people, characters such as Sophie and Jacques and Marie-France and Xavier, only these aren’t fictional characters but dear friends.

While Keith and Val’s life in Provence is what we dream of—outdoor markets, walks in the Alpilles, bike rides on lavender-scented country roads, and the best wine and food in the world at your fingertips—Keith takes us into a more in-depth look at the French culture and the people. We also get insider tips on the local region around the charming, lively little town of Saint-Rémy in the Alpilles—real Provence. Tips such as buying meat from a local butcher, where to buy good yet inexpensive wine, and the best picnic spots to enjoy the joie de vivre.

Are We French Yet? is filled with Keith’s usual wit and humor on the “idiosyncracies” of French life. But more than just fun, it inspires anyone trying to learn French not to give up but to keep working at it, even one word at a time.

What did I take away from the book most? I felt the hospitality of the French people as though I was experiencing it firsthand. It’s been said that “once a French person makes you their friend, you’re a friend for life.” And Keith and Val have certainly been enriched by that experience.

To enjoy the journey with Keith and Val, don’t miss out on this lighthearted yet inspirational read of Are We French Yet? here at Amazon.


A charming village in the Alpilles – Maussane-les-Alpilles