Is It Burgundy, or Is It the Alsace?


Actually, it’s Germany! A few years back, we had a chance to spend a week in the Mosel (or Moselle) Valley in Germany after attending a convention in Frankfurt. We had six free days before returning home and chose the Mosel for our escape. Being that it was Europe, naturally we found charm and character and adorable villages everywhere.

While the Mosel didn’t have as much charm as Burgundy or the Alsace, we enjoyed ourselves indeed! The vineyards are the steepest vineyards in the world. And the fresh Rieslings were delightful. In fact, the family we were renting from were winemakers and had an ample supply on hand that we could help ourselves to.

My two favorite villages were Bernkastel-Kues and Beilstein, the Sleeping Beauty of the Mosel. Both villages were loaded with character and, need I say it, charm for days. We so enjoyed riding our bikes past the adorable villages and stopping off for a bottle of Riesling at the most elegant wine café right along the bike path. That’s right! We ordered a bottle, not a glass. Because that’s just what you do in this fairy-tale part of the world.


The mushrooms were in season and served with the regional dishes. I remember those mushrooms—delicious! Our fondest dining experience was found while traveling a remote road searching for the Eltz Castle. We came across a little family-run inn called Landgasthof Pyrmonter Mühle, which was right beside a small waterfall. We knew this was a find and waited for it to open for lunch, knowing this would be a special place.

While the Mosel didn’t capture my heart quite like France—which is hard for me to understand based on the pictures—it remains with me forever.

À bientöt!