What started as a “once-in-a-lifetime” ten-year anniversary trip has turned into a yearly sojourn. France is like a second home to me now. While I love all the regions, I am torn between a love for Burgundy and a love for Provence. Burgundy is like something out of a fairy tale, filled with endless charm. While Provence is intoxicating with its hilltop villages, sun, warmth, light, and blue sky.

Though I live in upstate New York, I feel a constant tug at my heartstrings to return to a place I adore. I don’t speak much French, but somehow that just adds to the charm, the mystery, the curiosity.

This is a blog not about history, monuments, or museums but about the simple charms of France found in the cobblestone streets, the vineyards, the villages, the blue shutters, the lavender, the sunflowers, the olive groves, the food, the wine. I hope you enjoy discovering these small details along with me on my journey.

For travel advice, please contact cobblestonevineyards@gmail.com.


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  1. Hi there! I just came across your blog as my husband and I are heading to Provence for 2 weeks at the end of August. We have been a few times, but this time staying the second time in Gordes, which is a new area to us. We are huge foodies and cooks, so I’ve planned our entire itinerary pretty much around going to the markets, and eating out! Our last night I want to visit Bonnieux, but am torn which restaurant to eat at between the gourmet restaurant at Bastide Capelongue, la Bergerie, or Le Fournil. Would love your thoughts as it seems you have been to all three! Thank you in advance

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    • That sounds like a wonderful trip!!!! We have not eaten at the gourmet restaurant yet at Bastide Capelongue. We love la Bergerie, but local foodies don’t rate it super high. The local expats say it is hit or miss. We just went for the second time in June, and it was a hit! However, it seems the real foodies and gourmets love le Fournil, as do we. A reservation is a must! Here is a link to the blog of a local couple who just reviewed le Fournil. http://www.accommodationinprovence.com/le-fournil/
      I hope you have a wonderful time!!!!


  2. Cheryl,

    We too are from upstate NY and fell in love with France during a visit to Seguret last Fall; so much so that we just purchased a small studio in Seguret. I’m now enjoying all the blogs I can get my hands on and am enjoying yours very much!! Thank you!!


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