Evening Ambience at Its Best at la Terrasse in Joucas


Exciting news! Bistrot la Terrasse, located in the peaceful, charming village of Joucas in the Luberon, is once again open in the evenings for dinner. This is truly an enchanting spot to watch the sun set over the Luberon valley with the red hue of Roussillon in the distance.


La Terrasse now has a new owner. Though we are sad to see the prior owner go, as well as our little canine friend who was always faithfully at his spot every time, we are happy to be able to enjoy this place in the evening once again.


The food is good, basic bistrot fare. Yet, the omelette complèt with the frites is a notch above good. It is one delicious omelette!


You can’t go wrong going for a simple meal in order to enjoy the evening ambience. Even on a hot day, if you go for lunch, there is a huge plane tree to sit under and the Provençal breeze to keep you cool while you enjoy your meal. And of course, the village of Joucas itself is a charm to wander the cobbled streets after a good meal. Apparently, according to one local, during the filming of A Good Year, Russell Crowe rented a house in the lovely Joucas because he enjoyed the peaceful village. It’s funny how every time we visit Provence, we meet someone associated with this movie. Last year it was Peter Mayle’s assistant and then a relative of Russell Crowe’s assistant during the filming of the movie. Who knows? Maybe we’ll run into the beautiful Marion Cotillard herself next time.


La Terrasse in Joucas has changed! We are sad to say that we can no longer recommend this lovely place for the food, namely the omelettes that we use to dream about. Good omelettes no more! It’s still a great place to stop for a drink or perhaps, if you don’t care to be wowed by the food, a light bite in the evening to enjoy the ambience. Let’s hope the new owners bring back the good food to match the ambience. We miss the little dog too!

À bientôt!

7 thoughts on “Evening Ambience at Its Best at la Terrasse in Joucas

  1. My wife Val and I once spent a week in Joucas, a lovely village indeed. And there are so many other beautiful villages nearby.
    BTW, if you run into Marion Cotillard, please give her my number (and don’t tell Val!)

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  2. Sigh…I know it would be asking my husband too much but now I’m thinking that we have no holiday plans for Christmas….so how is Provence in December? I want to go back so much since we had to cancel in August (not entirely regretting it since I know it was hot!).


    • I have never been to France in the winter. But I have been thinking of going to Burgundy or Alsace for a week in the winter just to get my France fix. In those regions, the snow-dusted landscape against the charming pastoral villages would be a dream. Although, I like those regions in the summer a lot too for walking in the vineyards. I’m not sure about Provence though in the winter. I go there for the sun and warmth and outdoor living. Of course, there’s always great food and wine at all times to be enjoyed. Maybe the Côte d’Azur would be worth it though, since it is usually always sunny. You could wear a light coat and have the beaches all to yourself and enjoy the hilltop villages without the crowds.

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