A Sea of Purple in the Luberon


The words lavender and Provence are synonymous. Yes, lavender embodies the very essence of Provence. Isn’t it true that when one imagines Provence, it’s fields of lavender as far as the eye can see that come to mind? Sunflowers too? Yet, the lavender season is short. So when can you see it?


The peak month when tourists flock to the region to see the fields of purple is July. There is some lavender out in mid to late June as well. But this June was a surprise with the lavender in bloom in many places, early. It was exploding!


To see such vibrant fields of purple all around the valley below Bonnieux and Lacoste and around the village of Banon was a feast for the eyes. In fact, I did get some looks of disapproval and some scolding words and hand signals by a few locals as I was standing on the side of a very narrow road trying to capture this purple jewel. Don’t they know it’s like a priceless treasure to us visitors? That’s OK. I know there are much more important issues in life than risking one’s life to get that perfect shot of lavender.



It sure would be nice to visit in July to see the patchwork of intense purple throughout the region, but I’m not sure about the crowds. So to have the place almost all to myself in June and still see lavender was a dream!



I leave you with more of the colors of Provence.


À bientôt!

6 thoughts on “A Sea of Purple in the Luberon

    • How nice! I wondered if I might run into a fellow blogger while there. You weren’t by chance in Menerbes at a restaurant called Bistro le 5? It was probably just someone who looked like you. Glad you are enjoying Provence.


      • Sorry, that wasn’t me. I saw the lavender the day I had a picnic with friends at the Fôret de Cèdres above Bonnieux. There’s a Table d’Orientation on the right side as you drive the small road to the Fôret. Next to it is a little grove of trees (for shade) and one of the most magnificent views in Provence!

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  1. 2017 turned out to be an excellent year for lavender when we visited in June and July. Unfortunately, the fields in Valensole were all harvested when we drove there on July 23rd 😦
    They didn’t touch the young fields though, so we did manage to see something in Valensole. Hope to attend the lavender festival in Sault in a couple of weeks!

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