In the Pursuit of Provençal Honey


Need a break from wine tasting? How about honey tasting? Although, I don’t think anyone tires of wine tasting, especially when in Provence and having access to Côtes du Rhône wine in abundance. But the honey in Provence is divine, with hints of lavender, thyme, rosemary, chestnut, acacia.

Scattered throughout the region are honey farms, where the local honey can be tasted and purchased. Local honey can also be found at the outdoor markets held each day throughout the villages. Here are two producers that we have enjoyed.

Miellerie Lo Brusc: Located in the rural village of Viens is a honey shop run by the Bresc family. These honeys are perhaps the best of the region. You can also purchase gorgeous soaps, candles, sachets of lavender, lavender oil, and other specialties. (Rue de la Porte Neuve, 84750 Viens; Phone: +33 (0) 4 90 75 24 42)


Produits de la Ruche by Marc Agnel: Next stop is a farm located near Gordes in the countryside of Murs. Here there is another lovely shop to taste and buy honey. We were even able to have a peak into the workshop. (la Charlesse – Route de Gordes, 84220 Murs; Phone: +33 (0) 4 90 72 05 82)


Do take a break from wine tasting and taste some honey. Local honey and goat cheese together on a salad will not disappoint.

À bientôt!

1 thought on “In the Pursuit of Provençal Honey

  1. I was recently in Provence and bought a small jar of Miel De Lavande by Marc Agnel. It is so delicious I was wondering if you ship to the US?


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