Autumn in Provence


Just the mention of Provence conjures up images of lavender and sunflowers. Beautiful indeed! But what about the autumn? Is there more to enjoy than just the lavender?


Autumn in Provence has an intoxication all of its own. With the crowds having left and the temperatures slightly cooler, there is no better time to enjoy the many hiking trails throughout the region, to sit at an outdoor café basking in the warmth of the sun with an espresso or perhaps a glass of the delicious red wine of the region instead of rosé, and to take in the changing colors of the flora.




There’s a special excitement in the air to be in Provence during the grape harvest, September or October, when the vines are at their lushest. The sight of tractors coming and going and barrels filled with grapes along with the anticipation of what this year’s vintage will bring all add to the bustle.


And then there are the olives. The trees are brimming with olives, as the olive harvest nears. I just love these little treasures. Such precious gifts from the earth.


We can’t forget about the markets, overflowing with local pumpkins and squash of all variety. Plus, we can buy the lavender dried or as an essential oil.



img_1255Yes, autumn is filled with delight in Provence. September can be pleasantly warm, as it was this September with temperatures reaching close to 90 degrees. Yet, the villages are quiet. Take a look at this popular café in Gordes on a weekday in September.


Very peaceful. Yet, it’s still always a good idea to make a reservation for lunch or dinner if you have your heart set on a specific restaurant. But we did find that we were able to get into places in September that we otherwise would not normally be able to in the summer months without a reservation.

More changing flora.

À bientôt!

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