Joucas Still Has My Heart


I’m back in Provence and exploring a bunch of villages, all in the name of research, to confirm which one is my favorite. And Joucas still is the one!


The Luberon is very quiet today at the end of August with all the tourists having returned home from their summer sojourns. We meandered the villages of Goult, Joucas, and Gordes today. Naturally, Gordes is still a little busy. But Goult and Joucas, which are normally not too touristy anyway, were silent. We sat on a bench in Joucas, and there was not a sound nor a person. Utter peace and quiet and gorgeous colors and architecture. Yes, Joucas still has the je ne sais quoi factor. It’s perfection!


More villages to be meandered tomorrow.

À bientôt!

Banon—A Land of Goat Cheese, Lavender, and Wheat


The small perched village of Banon, located in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence department, is authentic Provence at its best. Banon wasn’t at the top of my list to see but was a spur-of-the-moment stop. What a surprise! I had no idea that it would prove to be the most photogenic village of the region. The walk up to the top is simply gorgeous!


A cobblestone path takes you up past ancient houses with colorful shutters, intricate doorways, and bountiful flowers to a bell tower and buildings dating back to the 17th century. Banon may now just be bumped to the top of my list as the prettiest village of the region.



In the center of the village, there are a few shops, a boulangerie, and an épicerie. You can purchase the famous goat cheese of Banon wrapped in chestnut leaves, which has received an AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) classification. We enjoyed sitting in the center of the village in front of a fountain while savoring the most delicious sandwiches to hold us over until dinner. In France, even the sandwiches are worth writing about. And while picking out a bottle of  wine from the épicerie, it was as if I was transported back into a scene from the movie “A Good Year” and was charmed by the charismatic Uncle Henry who was running the shop. Softly singing, “Uncle Henry” pointed me toward the softer, more feminine wines. When I told him that I love the Ventoux, he gave me a hearty chuckle of approval and did a little dance in the aisle.


The countryside surrounding Banon is simpy beautiful with fields of lavender, poppies, and wheat along with restored farmhouses nestled in the hills.


Looking for authentic, peaceful, charming, and stunning? Banon is a village where not a single tour bus will be found.

À bientôt!

The Hunt for Blue Shutters

IMG_0549Wouldn’t you agree that the blue shutters and doors found all over France are irresistibly charming?

So with camera in hand, from Paris to Burgundy, from Champagne to Alsace, from Brittany to Jura, from Dordogne to Provence, I have been capturing these charming delights. I leave no blue shutter undiscovered! Enjoy!IMG_0012

Should we throw in one yellow?

IMG_0825Does anyone know why blue is such a popular color in France?

À bientôt!