A Taste of Provence Back Home


Oh, the thought of being in Provence right now with the awakening of spring, the warmer, sunny days, the flowers, the blossoming trees, the Provençal markets coming alive. My favorite expat bloggers are just killing me right now with their photos of Provence in the spring!

So I wanted to create a little connection with Provence right here, back home. I wanted to find a little taste of Provence in my own backyard. And I found it! Just eight minutes away, there is a wonderful organic farm that reminds me of France. Though it’s not a Provençal market, it has the flavor, the atmosphere, the character. Just seeing these beautiful radishes and carrots from the local farm brought such delight—treasures grown from the earth.


And then I found a form of lavender that can grow here in upstate New York. I just look at my lavender and feel so happy.


IMG_0397This is why I love France so much. It’s the simple pleasures that we all long for. It’s the food, the wine, a good meal with friends. I’d take that over diamonds any day.

À bientôt!

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