Séguret—A Jewel of the Rhône Valley


The village of Séguret is visually stunning in every way. It’s the prettiest Provençal village I have encountered thus far. It certainly gives my favorite, Joucas, a run for its money. This charming jewel of a village is filled with colorful flowers and crazy charm around every bend of its winding cobblestone streets. It certainly earns its classification as one of the most beautiful villages in France. Thus, I had to label it “Flavignesque” in honor of my Bourgogne favorite.



From the moment we arrived in the village, I was completely immersed, camera in hand, exploring every street while my husband relaxed on a bench waiting for me to do my usual rapid exploration of every nook and cranny not wanting to miss anything.


Here in Séguret, there are a few restaurants, a lovely tea salon, and a few shops to be explored. We enjoyed a casual lunch outside at the Côté Terrasse restaurant, where creative salads were being served along with the wonderful wines of the region. Naturally, we tried a Séguret Côtes du Rhône in honor of the village.


To enjoy peaceful views of the countryside, there is a steep little hike that takes you above the village to the remains of a château. It probably takes about 45 minutes to get to the top. There was nothing too outstanding at the top, but it was a good way to burn off our lunch and enjoy the peace and serenity, since there was not a soul around.

A day of exploring Séguret could certainly be combined with stopping off for tastings at the nearby notable winemaking villages, such as Gigondas and Vacqueyras. I definitely have that planned for next time along with more villages of charm to be explored in the Rhône Valley.

À bientôt!

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