Let’s Escape to the Alsace Today


One word comes to mind when I think of the Alsace—ridiculous! Because that’s what I kept saying as we visited one Alsatian village after another on one of our yearly sojourns to France. Yes, the Alsace has ridiculous charm! Bordering both Germany and Switzerland, the region is filled with color and character. At the same time, I kept missing my beloved Burgundy with its more subtle, mysterious charms—its single pop of color against the ancient gray stone. Nevertheless, I would go back to the Alsace in a heartbeat. What’s not to love?

The village of Kaysersberg was one of my favorites. I just loved this darling little white house with blue shutters. No doubt it is one of the most photographed houses in the Alsace. It is absolutely adorable!


Kaysersberg is loaded with charm as you explore the winding, cobblestone streets past brightly painted half-timbered houses with colorful window boxes all nestled in a valley surrounded by mountains along the river Weiss.

The Alsace is a dream for walkers and cyclists with its endless mountain views to be discovered. Next time we escape to the Alsace, let’s talk about the food.


À bientôt!


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