Aloxe-Corton and a Visit to Domaine Comte Senard


Aloxe-Corton is a charming little winemaking village in Bourgogne. The number one reason we explore new villages is for charm. The second? The food and wine of course! Loving good wine, yet being novices to the culture, we have somehow stumbled into a world here in Burgundy of serious expertise far out of our league. Nevertheless, we decide to venture out of our comfort zone and try a more sophisticated experience for us. What better place than in a Burgundian village renowned for producing exquisite red and white Grands Crus from the famous Corton Hill, not to mention the famous Corton-Charlemagne!


We make a reservation for a tasting lunch at Domaine Comte Senard. The table d’hôte consists of a local menu with the choice of four, six, or eight wines. We choose the six. The staff is very warm and welcoming. An excellent sommelier brings us a new wine to try with each course, explaining how it complements the plate.


Fine dining and a dog. Of course! It’s France!

Pleasantly surprised, we are invited to take a peak in the 13th-century cellar located on the property. How exciting!


We would highly recommend a stop at Domaine Comte Senard for either a tasting lunch or a tasting in the wine shop. And don’t forget to meander the back roads in Aloxe-Corton for fairy-tale like charms. You might just run into Prince Charming himself.

À bientôt!



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