Flavigny is considered one of the most beautiful villages in France, and rightly so! This small, medieval, fortified town located in the Côte-d’Or department of Bourgogne just oozes charm. It pretty much tops my list as the most charming village in France. I love this village so much that I have coined the phrase “It’s Flavignesque!” to describe other villages that have such pretty charm.


I would describe Flavigny as a rustic, sleepy, pretty, feminine village that is filled with flowers, blue shutters and doors, and mysterious alleys and walkways. No wonder the producers of the movie “Chocolat” chose this village to film some of its scenes! Before a trip to Burgundy, I always watch the movie to build anticipation for the charms to come.


And for the most delicious comfort food of a lifetime, plan a stop at Ferme Auberge la Grange. It seriously doesn’t get any more farm to table than this! From the quiche to the omelettes to the chèvre to the ratatouille to the tartes to the 2 euro glass of village wine, it is to die for! Who needs a Michelin-starred restaurant to eat like a king? We have never gotten to sit inside because the place is always full. But we are happy to sit at a picnic table outside, even in the rain, with the family cat just to get a taste of these delights.

The photos just do not capture the full charm of this village. But it is Flavignesque indeed!



8 thoughts on “Flavigny-sur-Ozerain

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  3. I came upon your lovely blog while looking for charming villages to visit near Beaune. I will be staying there for a week in August (widowed 65 year old) and will rent a car for three days. Could you recommend your top places for a solo traveler and perhaps routes? Since I’ll be driving, I won’t be drinking too much wine!
    Many thanks,

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    • Beaune itself is filled with charm, cafes, gourmet restaurants, and wonderful shops! My absolute favorite thing in the area is to rent a bike and ride from Beaune to Santenay on the picturesque bike route that winds you through vineyards and past one charming village after another! You also can drive that bike route from Beaune to Santenay. Meursault, on that route, is amazing! You will love sitting in the square while sipping a coffee or enjoying a nice glass of Meursault village wine. In all of these wine villages, Volnay, Pommard (another favorite), Meursault, and on and on, you can often ring the bell of a winemaker’s home or cellar and ask to taste the wine. It’s a lovely experience. Also a short drive away is a charm-for-days village called Brancion, as well as the stunning Chateau de Rochepot in the village of Rochepot. Just immersing yourself in the wine villages around Beaune will be the most memorable. Have a wonderful time!


    • Lynne, I wanted to give you this link to a wonderful blog that I think you will really enjoy for inspiration on your French travels. It’s the lovely Barefoot Blogger, https://bfblogger.com/2019/04/07/packing-tips-for-the-60-solo-female-traveler/?fbclid=IwAR3IT7f6GSqVYVFkI4Cv3yn1fUZ0MwU5J9KxfxQDKXQj-xAqFgDpWDoFMXk

      Also, I would add the following villages, in addition to my comments above, to your list near Beaune:



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